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LATAM Pass Glossary

Here you can look up the definitions of the main terms we use in our LATAM Pass program:


Account Statement: members can access their LATAM Pass account statement information by signing up and logging in on the LATAM Airlines website or relevant app. This is the only official point of information where you can check the number of LATAM Pass Points earned, redeemed or due to expire - both Qualifying Points and Qualifying Segments. LATAM Airlines may periodically send members a copy of their account statement to the e-mail or postal address registered by them in their LATAM Pass account. The Account is individual, recognizes a single holder and does not admit the possibility of adding other members to the Registered LATAM Pass Program member.

Associated Businesses and Associated Financial Institutions: all the companies participating in the LATAM Pass program, except the Associated Airlines, whose services allow the earning of LATAM Pass  Points and / or enjoyment of prizes or benefits of the LATAM Pass program. This is subject to the conditions and requirements of these regulations and to those indicated by these companies.

Associated Airlines: these are airlines other than LATAM Airlines that have a bilateral agreement with LATAM Airlines, whose flights allow you to accumulate LATAM Pass Points and / or enjoy the benefits of the LATAM Pass program, subject to the conditions and requirements of these Regulations and those of these airlines. The LATAM Pass Points accumulated in Associated Airlines and / or in Associated Companies allow you to redeem tickets and / or products or services stipulated in the LATAM Pass program. earning rules of points and qualifying segments with Associated Airlines should be consulted on the website.


Connection: a stop between the origin and the destination points that requires passengers to disembark from the airplane with a change of flight number, on the same airline or on an airline associated with LATAM Airlines.


Embargo: the period in which you cannot use the rewards and/or benefits redeemed with LATAM Pass Points, whether on LATAM Airlines flights or associated airlines and/or partner companies. The embargo periods of each entity may vary and will be informed in a timely manner to the partners.


Frequent Flyer Program, LATAM Pass Program, program or LATAM Pass: this is the frequent passenger program of LATAM Airlines Group SA, through which it is possible to accumulate LATAM Pass Points, Qualifying Points and Qualifying Segments when flying on all routes operated by LATAM Airlines and Associated Airlines, as well as when using the services of other associated companies; subject to the conditions and requirements detailed ahead.


LATAM Airlines: It includes LATAM Airlines Group S.A. (previously called LAN Airlines S.A.), as well as its affiliate companies LATAM Airlines Argentina, LATAM Airlines Peru, LATAM Airlines Ecuador, LATAM Airlines Colombia and LATAM Airlines Chile.

LATAM Airlines Brazil: Includes LATAM Airlines Brazil and LATAM Airlines Paraguay, as well as its affiliate company Transportes Aéreos del Mercosur S.A.

LATAM Pass benefits: all benefits offered under the LATAM Pass program to members of certain categories, which do not require redemption of LATAM Pass Points for use, and which are acquired solely through being a member of the relevant category.

LATAM Pass Points: these are the unit of measure of the LATAM Pass program. Its characteristics are defined in number 6 of these Regulations. They can be redeemed for flights or other services the program determines according to its terms and conditions, which form part of these Regulations. LATAM Airlines reserves the right to change said name, unilaterally, at any time, and will notify members in the event of such name change.

LATAM Pass Regulations or Rules: terms and conditions included in this document.

LATAM Pass Service Charge: a service fee charged for redemptions made through our Contact Center for each reward issued. If the reward is redeemed through our website, the LATAM Pass Service Charge does not apply. This value is in addition to the applicable boarding fees and taxes and the Program Administration Fee, and will vary according to the type of reward redeemed and country of issue, as detailed in the LATAM Pass fees and penalties section published on our website.

Layover: a technical stop between the origin and destination points, in which passengers must remain (usually on the airplane or at the airport) for a short time and then continue on the same flight number to the final destination.


Member Card or LATAM Pass Card: the card that validates members of the LATAM Pass Program. The card is issued in electronic format for all categories, featuring the member’s name and number with no need to request it, and you can download it from the LATAM Airlines app (iOS or Android) or directly from our website.

Member of the loyalty program LATAM Pass or member: is the person who meets all the requirements for the program, who has filled in the registration form and submitted it through any of the channels set forth under point 2, whose application has been accepted by LATAM Airlines and whose rights as a member have not been revoked or rendered invalid in accordance with the rules set out under these Regulations. Program members will have an account where they will accumulate LATAM Pass Points, Qualifying Points and Qualifying Segments. It is an individual account, with a single account holder only; the option of joint member accounts is not permitted.


Open Jaw: a flight whose point of destination of the outbound leg is different from the point of origin of the inbound leg (for example: a trip outbound from Santiago to New York, but returning from Los Angeles to Santiago).

Operated flight: a flight on an airplane operated by LATAM that may or may not have been sold by LATAM airlines.


Password: a personal identification number that is the sole responsibility of a member, which must have at least 8 digits including a capital letter, a lowercase letter, and a number. It is the exclusive responsibility of each member to keep their password secure and private at all times. LATAM Airlines is not liable for fraud or unauthorized use of the password or for changes or alterations to the password. The password can be created by the future LATAM Pass member, at the time of registering on our website, or a password will be sent to you in the welcome e-mail to the program. It must be changed to a personally created password.

Note: LATAM Airlines is not liable for adulteration, changes or misuse of your password. We recommend that, for maximum security and privacy of your password, never write them down and avoid using obvious dates or common numbers such as your birthday, the first 4 digits of your ID number, telephone number, etc.

Program Administration Fee: the cost associated with the administration of the loyalty program which may vary according to the type of reward or the origin / destination chosen by the member, among other factors. This Charge must be canceled by the member at the time of redemption regardless of channel of emission.


Qualifying Points: these are also a unit of measure for the LATAM Pass program, but are not equivalent to LATAM Pass Points. Qualifying Points are added to qualify for the Elite membership categories, and are calculated based on the United States of America dollars spent on the purchase of tickets, discounting additional charges, taxes and services. The amount earned is based on the multiplier of each member’s flight destination, depending on whether it is domestic or international.

Qualifying Segments: these are also a unit of measure for the LATAM Pass Program, but they are not equivalent to LATAM Pass Points or Qualifying Points. The Qualifying Segments are also added to qualify for our Elite categories and correspond to the route between the origin and the destination of a flight, provided it is carried out on the same airplane. Flights purchased in Premium Economy and Business will accumulate twice as many Qualifying Segments, while flights with BASIC fare do not accumulate Qualifying Segments. Only flights marketed by LATAM Airlines, regardless of the company that operates them, can add Qualifying Segments.


Retroactive earning: Earning of LATAM Pass Points already flown on LATAM Airlines flights or associated airlines which are not shown on your account statement.

Rewards: the tickets, products or services designated under the LATAM Pass program that can be obtained by redeeming accumulated LATAM Pass Points in accordance with the LATAM Pass section of these Regulations.


Segment: this is a direct flight between one city and another, which may or may not include layovers.

Sold Flight: this is a flight that a Member purchases through the LATAM website, but which is operated and / or marketed by an airline with which LATAM Airlines has no alliance. In accordance with the above, Members do not accumulate LATAM Pass Points, Qualifying Points or Qualifying Segments.

For example: A flight from Santiago to Porto, with Connection in Sao Paulo. The first Segment is operated by LATAM Airlines and the second by TAP, which is not an Associated Airline, but is the only airline available for the itinerary requested by the Member.

Stop Over: a stop between the origin and destination points, where passengers may have to wait for a certain interval before continuing the trip to their final destination with the same airline.


Upgrade: is the upgrade of a passenger to a superior cabin class, without having purchased the ticket that corresponds to that particular class.

For example: your flight from Santiago to Sao Paulo is operated by LATAM Airlines or LATAM Airlines Brazil.

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