Mountain in Alaska
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Alaska Airlines

This iconic American airline flies between northern Alaska and 115 destinations in the continental US, Hawaii, Canada, Costa Rica and Mexico. Its headquarters are located in Seattle/Tacoma and Anchorage, which greatly expands its service capacity.

Thanks to this alliance, you can earn LATAM Pass Points on Alaska Airlines flights. Also on flights on Alaska Airlines you will earn Qualifying Points.

Earn LATAM Pass Points

The cabins shown below are the only ones that allow you to earn points flying on Alaska Airlines:

CabinFares that allow you to earnHow many do you earn?
C, D, I100%
PremiumW, P, R100%
MainY, B100%
H, K75%
M, L, V, S, N, Q50%
O, G25%

* Earning percentages by cabin type and fare.

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