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How to become an Elite member

Qualify for our Elite categories

Qualify for your next member category, access exclusive Elite Benefits and earn more LATAM Pass Miles on your flights. 

Check out below the two options for accessing Elite categories. You have to meet the requirements of any one of them:

Option 1: Meeting the goals of Qualifying Points that you accumulate on your flights:

Qualifying Points are exclusive to qualify for our Elite categories and are calculated from the dollars you spent on your ticket (minus taxes, fees and additional services) and the multiplier depending on the destination: domestic and international.

  • For example: If you buy a ticket for an intercontinental flight for $900, you subtract taxes, fees and additional services - a total of $100 - and there is $800 left. That amount is multiplied by the International Flight Multiplier -x6-, as a result of which you earn 4,800 Qualifying Points on your flight.
You earn 9 Qualifying Points per dollar spent on domestic flights in Chile, Ecuador and Peru.
You earn 2,5 Qualifying Points per real spent on domestic flights in Brazil.
You earn 12 Qualifying Points per dollar spent on domestic flights in Colombia.
You earn 6 Qualifying Points per dollar spent on international flights

Option 2: Meeting the goals of Qualifying Segments

The Qualifying Segments will be earned during your trips and correspond to the route between the departure point and the destination on a single flight, on the same airplane. 

  • For example: If you travel from Concepción (Chile) to Madrid (Spain), with a connection in Santiago (Chile) where you change planes, and another connection in São Paulo (Brazil) - where you also change planes -, you will add three Qualifying Segments: One for your trip from Concepción to Santiago, another for your journey from Santiago to São Paulo and the third for flying from São Paulo to Madrid.

2024 qualification goals:

 Option 1: 
Qualifying Point Goals
Option 2: 
Qualifying Segment Goals

From 15.000 Qualifying Points*.

20 Qualifying Segments

*At least 12.000 on 100% LATAM flights.

Gold Plus

From 30.000 Qualifying Points*.

36 Qualifying Segments

*At least 24.000 on 100%  LATAM flights.


From 40.000 Qualifying Points*.

46 Qualifying Segments

*At least 32.000 on 100%  LATAM flights.


From 75.000 Qualifying Points*.

76 Qualifying Segments

*At least 60.000 on 100%  LATAM flights.

Black Signature

From 160.000 Qualifying Points*.

120 Qualifying Segments

*At least 160.000 on 100% LATAM flights.

More information:

  • The LATAM Pass Miles, which you also earn on your trips, are different from Qualifying Points and are used to be redeemed for tickets.
  • To achieve any of the Elite categories, the Qualification Points goal or the Qualifying Segments target must be met without the need to meet both.
  • Flights with BASIC fare do not accumulate Qualifying Segments.
  • Flights in Premium Economy and Business cabins accumulate twice as many Qualifying Segments.
  • Flights marketed by LATAM and operated by associated airlines do not accumulate Qualifying Segments.
  • Flights marketed by associated airlines do not accumulate Qualifying Segments.
  • Flights redeemed with LATAM Pass Points do not allow you to earn Qualifying Segments. Qualifying Segments are only earned with purchased flights.
  • Flights operated by Delta Air Lines, Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa, Japan Airlines, Malaysia, Qantas and Qatar, and marketed by LATAM Airlines, allow you to earn Qualifying Points.
  • Flying on Aeroméxico, Alaska and Delta Air Lines you also earn Qualifying Points.
  • We remind you that to qualify for the different elite categories, there is a minimum of Qualifying Points obtained exclusively on LATAM Airlines flights. Check the goals here.

1.- What are Qualifying Segments?

  • The Qualifying Segments are the number of flights taken.

2. How do the Qualifying Segments earn?

Qualifying Segments are accumulated by flying. It is important that you also know that based on the fare and cabin purchased, they will be accumulated as follows:

  • Flights in Premium Economy or Premium Business cabins: accumulate 2 Qualifying Segments
  • Economy flights purchased with Light, Plus or Top fares: accumulate 1 Qualifying Segment.
  • Flights purchased with a Basic fare: do not accumulate Qualifying Segments.

3.- What happens if my flight has a connection?

  • If your flight has a connection, it counts as 2 flights; unlike flights with a layover (where the passenger does not change planes) which count as 1 flight.

4.- Is it possible to accumulate more than one Qualifying Segment in the same flight?

  • Yes, flights purchased in Premium Economy or Premium Business cabins accumulate 2 Qualifying Segments.

5.- Can I accumulate Qualifying Segments by flying on other airlines?

  • As long as the flight is sold by LATAM, regardless of who operates it, you will accumulate Qualifying Segments. If the flight is sold by other airlines, you will not accumulate Qualifying Segments.

6.- To qualify, do I need to meet the two rules of Qualifying Points and Qualifying Segments?

  • No, the rules are independent. You can reach the category by meeting the Qualifying Points requirement or the segment rule, i.e., it is not necessary to comply with both rules.

7.- What is the validity period of the segments?

  • Like Qualifying Points, segments are valid throughout the calendar year, i.e., for flights operated between January 1 and December 31 of the same year.

8. What are Qualifying Points, and what are they for?

  • These are the points that you accumulate from January 1 of each year to reach your qualification goals for the Elite categories of the program. The goal for qualifying each Elite category (Gold, Gold Plus, Platinum, Black and Black Signature) is reflected in a number of Qualifying Points.

9. Does the calculation of Qualifying Points change?

  • No, Qualifying Points continue with the same calculation methodology.

10. How do Qualifying Points accumulate?

  • Qualifying Points are accumulated from the fare paid (deducting fees, taxes and other services) by applying a multiplier that depends on the destination of the trip (domestic or international).
  • Other services are understood as the purchase of baggage, LATAM + seat, Upgrade option and others.

11. What are multipliers per route?

Ticketed routeAll cabins and fares
Domestic Brazil 


Domestic Colombia 


Other domestic routes 


International flights 


12. If I purchased a ticket in local currency, what exchange rate will be posted for conversion to USD?

  • In such cases, the current exchange rate at the time of ticketing shall apply.

13. Can I accumulate Qualifying Points by flying on other airlines?

  • Yes, you can accumulate Qualifying Points on some of the associated airlines, check this web page to find out which of them allow you to do so.
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