LATAM+ seat
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LATAM+ seat

Enjoy your exclusive benefit

The LATAM + seat gives you the best comfort and the best travel experience when you fly in Premium Economy, with more space and recline.

Choose your LATAM + seat at no cost and reserve it in the process of purchasing your ticket, in the My trips section with your reservation code or by calling our Contact Center.


Our Black and Black Signature members get LATAM+ seat at no additional charge on domestic and international flights on the whole LATAM Airlines network, both for themselves and for a travel companion.

Black Signature

Our Platinum members also get LATAM+ seat at no additional charge on domestic flights.


  • This benefit is available for Platinum, Black and Black Signature members during the seat selection process, when checking-in online or via our Preferred Contact Center. It should be noted that the session must remain logged-in during Check-in and that this benefit is subject to availability.

LATAM+ seat benefits:

  • More than 10 centimeters of extra legroom.
  • Footrest available in B787-9 and A350 models.
  • Recline your seat up to 40% more.
  • Exclusive baggage compartment.
  • Priority boarding.
  • Deplane first with seats located in the front section of the cabin.
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