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Lifetime category

¡New! Lifetime Category

Enjoy your benefits for the rest of your life.

At LATAM Pass we want to recognize all of our members who have remained loyal to LATAM and our member program over the years. Therefore, we will award Lifetime Black and Platinum membership to all individuals who meet the following criteria:

AwardRequirementsLifetime Benefit
Lifetime Black15 years or more Black or Black Signature membership: 
Since the year 2000
Black Category
Lifetime Platinum20 years or more Black or Black Signature membership: 
Since the year 2000
Platinum Category


  • It is not necessary for the years of membership listed as requirements to be consecutive..
  • The following equivalent categories are considered in the LAN Pass and TAM Fidelidade programs prior to 2016:
LATAM PassLAN PassTam Fidelidade
Black SignatureBlackBlack
BlackCommodoreVermelho Plus
PlatinumPremium SilverVermelho
Gold Plus



  • If the Lifetime category is lower than the one I currently have, will I be downgraded?

No, we will always respect the highest category. If for any circumstance you stop flying, begin to downgrade your member status, or even fall to a lower category than the Lifetime category awarded, we will continue to maintain your Lifetime member status indefinitely.

  • If one year I achieve a higher category than the Lifetime member category received, what category will I have that year?

We will always honor the higher category. If one year you have a higher category than Lifetime, then that year you will belong to the higher category of

the two. If you drop in category, the lowest category you can reach will be the Lifetime member category originally awarded to you.

  • How do I know if I have a Lifetime membership?

Lifetime members will be contacted personally. If you have not received notification, it is because you do not yet meet the criteria.

  • If the Lifetime category I receive includes benefits for my companion or family, will those benefits be honored in the same way?

Yes, Lifetime memberships include all the benefits associated with the LATAM Pass category you received, including those pertaining to companions or family members. Check the benefits of your member category here.

  • Can I transfer my earned member status to another person of my choice?

Lifetime status is exclusive to the account holder. It is not transferable or inheritable

  • In early April 2023, I received an email from LATAM advising me that my category for this year would be different from the award sent to me via this communication. What is my category for this year?

This award implies that you will never have a member category lower than Lifetime:

  • If the member category communicated to you at the beginning of April is higher than the Lifetime award you now received, then your member category for this year will be the one sent to you at the beginning of April.
  • If the member category sent to you at the beginning of April is lower than the Lifetime membership award, then your member category for this year will be Lifetime.
  • Can I lose my Lifetime status?

You will never lose your Lifetime status, even if you don't fly enough to reach the qualification goals. However, this award is subject to the LATAM Pass program Terms and Conditions. Check them out here.