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Virgin Atlantic Airways

The Virgin Atlantic airline was founded by businessman Sir Richard Branson in 1984 and is one of Britain’s most important international airlines. Virgin Atlantic operates an international service network to North America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia from its hub at London Heathrow

Thanks to this partnership, you can earn LATAM Pass Miles on all your LATAM flights operated by Virgin Atlantic.

Earn LATAM Pass Miles

The cabins shown below are the only ones that allow you to earn miles flying on Virgin Atlantic:

CabinFares tha allow you to earnMiles baseBonus milesHow many do you earn?
Business ClassJ, C, D100%50%150%
Upper ClassI, Z100%50%150%
PremiumW, S, H, K100%25%125%
EconomyY, B, R100%25%125%
L, U, M100%0%100%
O, N, X, Q, E50%0%50%
Elite categoriesTotal amount
Gold Plus40%
Black Signature120%
  • Remember that the amount you earn with partner airlines is based on how many miles IATA establishes for that journey. 
  • For example, a flight from LHR to TLV sold by LATAM and operated by Virgin Atlantic is 2,228 miles long. If the LATAM Pass member flies Economy fare, class L, they earn 2,228 miles. If this member is also Gold, they earn another 446 miles, so the final earning amount is 2,674 miles.
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