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Earn points flying with LATAM

Earn LATAM Pass Points when flying with LATAM

When you fly with LATAM, you accumulate points that allow you to redeem tickets to destinations around the world

The amount of points you accumulate is calculated by a destination multiplier -depending on whether they are domestic flights, regional flights or the rest of international flights associated with your Elite member category, plus the amount of dollars you spent on your ticket, less fees, taxes and additional services.

Multiplier for domestic and regional flights:

Gold: x4
Gold Plus: x5
Platinum: x7
Black: x8
Black Signature: x9

Multiplier for the rest of international flights:

Gold: x6
Gold Plus: x7
Platinum: x9
Black: x10
Black Signature: x11
  • As an example: If you buy a ticket for an intercontinental flight at $900, you subtract taxes, fees and additional services - a total of $100 - and there are $800 left. That amount is multiplied along with the value of your Elite member category to know how much you accumulated. In this case, a Gold Plus Category member -x7- accumulates 5,600 LATAM Pass Points.
  • You can only earn LATAM Pass Points with Basic, Light, Plus and Top rates.
  • To calculate the LATAM Pass Points you've earned with flights marketed by LATAM Airlines, we only consider the ticket price. Boarding fees, taxes or any additional expenses such as excess baggage, Favorite Seat, tour packages and travel insurance are not considered for this new condition.
  • For tickets purchased in a currency other than the dollar, the exchange rate we will use is the IATA Exchange Rate, which is updated every day from Monday to Friday. The exchange rate of reference is available online.
  • The maximum amount of points you can earn is 60,000 LATAM Pass Points per segment.
  • Remember to enter your LATAM Pass member number when making your purchase. That way, your LATAM Pass Points will be added to your account within a maximum of 7 days after the flight. If you still don't see the points in your account, you can request them here.
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